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Plaza Del Rey Security Enhancement by Sherlock Surveillance

  • Anti Dumping and Vandalism

  • Parking Area Security

  • Community Facilities Coverage

  • Offender Identification (AI)

  • Entry and Exit Management

  • Trees and terrain obstacles


  • Hybrid cable and cell system

  • 50 Wireless access points

  • 12 cable routers

  • 15 License Plate Cameras

  • Intercom integration

  • RFID access fobs


Plaza Del Rey Security Enhancement by Sherlock Surveillance

The Challenge

Plaza Del Ray, a sprawling residential community, faced several security challenges that needed urgent attention:

Safety and Security for Residents: Residents expressed concerns about safety, especially during late hours. They wanted a system that would make them feel secure within their homes and common areas.

Illegal Dumping and Unauthorized Access: The community struggled with illegal dumping of trash and debris. Additionally, unauthorized vehicles entered the premises, posing risks to residents and property.

License Plate Monitoring: Plaza Del Rey needed a reliable way to monitor vehicle license plates at entry and exit points.

Large Multi-Acre Site: The community covered a vast area, including undulating terrain, numerous homes, and dense tree cover.

Integration and Unobtrusiveness: The solution had to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and be unobtrusive to residents while acting as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers.

The Solution
Sherlock Surveillance designed a comprehensive security system tailored to Plaza Del Rey’s unique needs:

Hybrid Camera Network:

  • Deployed a network of 108 cameras strategically placed across the community.

  • Included 15 License Plate Recognition (LPC) cameras at key entry and exit points.

  • Cameras covered common areas, pathways, parking lots, and perimeter zones.

Terrain Adaptability:

  • Customized camera placement to account for undulating landscape and tree cover.

  • Used high-resolution cameras with night vision capabilities to ensure visibility in all conditions.

Wireless Access Points (WAPs):

  • Installed 50 WAPs to create a robust secure wireless network.

  • Enabled real-time data transmission from cameras to the central monitoring system.

License Plate Recognition (LPR):

  • Integrated LPR cameras with the community’s database of authorized vehicles.

  • Instantly flagged any unrecognized license plates for further investigation.

RFID System:

  • Implemented RFID tags for authorized residents’ vehicles.

  • Automated gate access based on RFID authentication.

Central Monitoring Center:

  • Established a 24/7 central monitoring center staffed by trained personnel.

  • Monitored live camera feeds, license plate data, and alarms.

Unobtrusive Design:

  • Concealed cameras within discreet housings to blend seamlessly with the environment.

  • Ensured minimal impact on residents’ daily lives.


Reduced Illegal Dumping: The system detected and deterred illegal dumping incidents, leading to cleaner common areas.

Enhanced Security: Residents reported feeling safer due to increased surveillance and rapid response capabilities.

License Plate Monitoring: Unauthorized vehicles were promptly identified and addressed.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement: The system integrated with local law enforcement databases, aiding investigations.

Sherlock Surveillance’s solution transformed Plaza Del Rey into a secure and well-monitored community. By combining cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design, residents now enjoy peace of mind, and potential wrongdoers think twice before entering the premises.

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